Centre of Collaboration with Foreign Students


The main activities of the Centre:

  • Preparing highly qualified foreign students

  • Organizing the admission of foreign citizens into Ukraine, including the gathering and processing of documents, as well as accommodation in the TNU dormitory

  • onitoring of that students follow the laws governing behavior and residence in the territory of Ukraine
  • Familiarizing foreigners with the normative documents, which regulate their residence and study in the Ukraine
  • Assisting foreign students with passport and visa issues during their time of study, including registration with the local authorities
  • Assisting foreign students who take part in the preparatory department at TNU
  • Monitoring of current student performance
  • Legalization and issuing of internationally recognized diplomas
  • Enhancement of communication amongst other affiliated groups
  • Conducting cultural events to help foreign students get acquainted with the culture and traditions of Ukraine
  • Organization of cultural activities, including sports events
  • Providing foreign students with medical services
  • Organization of morale building activities, which promote the formation of tolerant attitudes towards other countries, their residents, their identities and cultures as well as enhancing the spirit of internationalism in the Tavrida National University.

Tavrida National University is seeking information about its graduates!!!

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